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[All] More Sorting Options

It'd be great to be able to sort by context, tags or lists aside from dates. 

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Yes, agreed. I'd like to be able to sort the Focus List by List, then by other criteria such as due date or priority.

Add my vote to this request. I would like to sort by Team Member, by context, by whatever. Right now the sorting capabilities are just too limited.

Agreed. Would also like to set additional filters (hide certain tags, contexts etc) to the focus list. 

By the write-up of the product before I purchased, I expected this feature to be available.  Why have tags and contexts if we can't easily filter by them?

Even an ability to create our own standing smart-lists of certain tags or contexts would be useful.

Agreed. In All Tasks view, would like to be able to sort by List, then Priority. Another option that would work for me would be the ability to switch from one List to the next by swiping (that would enable viewing each List by Priority without going back to the Home screen).

Don't forget manual sort - this is essential for me. Use it all the time in the iOS Todo 7, and its lack is all that keeps me from migrating to Android.

AGREE- WANT SORT BY CONTEXT, LIST, TAG AND MANUAL. Ideally the system remembers your manual sort order. Even if you want to check in some other order, it will go back to manual.

SUPER DELUXE: two level sort. option to have by priority, say, within list sorted by context.

About sort by tag. Yes since items can have multiple tags, they will appear multiple times. That's fine. 



I agree with the suggestions of the other users. Let me summarize what has been mentioned by now. And I would like to add some details concerning the scope and usability of the sort functions.


A) Sort-Options

  • alphabetical
  • due date
  • start date
  • priority
  • context
  • tags
  • listname (in views ‚all tasks‘ and ‘focus list’)
  • team member
  • manual sort


B) Scope of sort functions

The order of each list should be configurable individually. 


C) Usability

The sort should be very easy to apply and to change.  For the apps I suggest: to touch and hold the name of a list could opens a menu offering all sort options. Like you did it for tasks (at least in IOS app for iPad): when you touch and hold a task, a menu with different options is shown. That would be ok for lists as well.

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