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Special section "Scheduled"

 Now (on iOS) the very top level menu shows "All Tasks", "Focus List", "Starred Tasks", "Inbox", and then personalized lists.

I suggest to add (could be optional) a "scheduled" list.  Another option would be to have a "scheduled" section shown if I click on a list.

Rationale: one of the best uses for start dates is to hide tasks that can't yet be worked on.  Todo Cloud lets you do this, only disadvantage is, that once you turn on this menu option, the "future" tasks are invisible.  There is no way to see what is coming up, except by changing the preferences.

A "scheduled" section at the end / bottom lets you see what is coming up and lets you quickly verify whether you'd already recorded a particular task.  Having a "scheduled" top-level list would also be ok.

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