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Add geotagging to @Context

 In addition to optionally adding geotagging on a task by task basis, I would like to add a location/geotag to a Context (e.g. @Home, @Work, @GroceryStore, etc.) and then, when creating a task, optionally add a context which could, based on preferences, automatically inherit the geotag notifications. 

This way, I can create a task for, say, "Get Milk", click the @GroceryStore context, and be reminded to get milk when I get to the store, even if I didn't go there for milk. 

Generally, I think this COULD get annoying if one gets 100 notifications for every work todo when they arrive at work in the morning, but I think Best Practices could be used to distinguish two kinds of Contexts.... @Work and @WorkNotify... and then, when creating a task, select the right one for the intended level of notification.

Thoughts?  If implemented, do I get a free year of Sync?  :-)

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