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Desktop Access To Notebook

Is there any way to access my notes in Notebook from my desktop computer?

But wht to do if i want to create a new note in my notebookfolder on my desktop?
I can create a note with textedit form Mac, store it, - but it does not synchronize top my I Phone or Ipad.


I am syncing Notebook using Dropbox and simply edit the notes directly in the Dropbox folder on my laptop. I'm using a Mac so do this using Apple's default TextEdit app. You could do the same using Notepad on a Windows PC. 

I found my  own Answer. a bit complicated but it works:
I Have to creat in the I phone app a note.
On my MAC i can now duplicate this note in the folder Dropbox- Notbook . I put a new date into the brackets of the date , write under it what i want to memorize and drag the note into the folder i like to have it - and : Wonder : it appears on my i phone und this folder too ....


You don't need to duplicate anything.

If you set up Notebook to sync via Dropbox and have Dropbox installed on your Mac, then all of your notes in Notepad will sync into the Dropbox folder on your Mac. All you need to do is edit your notes in the Dropbox folder on your Mac. Any changes you make there will sync up to Dropbox and when you open Notebook on your iPhone or iPad the changes will sync down to your device. Does that make sense?

But I have an ever better solution than using TextEdit on the Mac to edit your notes. I just found an app for the Mac that looks just like Notepad and sync via Dropbox. It works perfectly. Here is the link.

When you open TextEdit on the Mac, it opens with a Finder window. It should open where you last left it, e.g. your Dropbox folder.

In the lower right hand corner of that Finder window is a button - New Document. Simply click that and create a new document. You might want to first change folder in the Finder window if you have multiple Folders in Notebook.

As for the Notebooks app I mentioned, once you have specified the Dropbox folder that's what it will display when it opens and then you just click File - New Note to create a new note.

I know how to creat a new TExt and save it - the problem is: if you do so on your mac, you cannot read this note, which you created and saved later when using the APP "notebook" on your mobile device, since that app requires at the beginning a special Bracket with the date (f.e. [22.06.2012] ) which is not shown inthe note itself if you look at it with "notebook" and may be other hidden stuff i dont know,  since putting this Date into a note created with TExtedotor doesn`t solve the problem.
If you look carefully at the Finder screen. you will also see, that the notes created with notebook show a plain sheet with a hook, but the notes created with TExtedit have a supplementry black point in it.
Whatever that means!
so far.


Hi Peter,
thanks for your support.
My quetion was obiously not clear: My porblem was: How to create on rhe Mac a NEW note, which i can afterwards read on my  notbood on my I phon or ipad.
I looked at notebooks. Seems very complex. makes not only one file but 4. if i open a new file on the mac. And i cannot read the note on the Notebook on my i phone either...
so i would have to chnage my app, that i am used to.
Dont have the time and energy for that change right now. But i will look at it later. Thanks.



I'm not sure why you are having that problem. If I create a text file on my Mac using TextEdit, allow it to sync up to Dropbox, and then sync Notebook on my iPhone, it works fine. Notebook adds that date field in the brackets. It doesn't have to be there to begin with.

The only thing I have noticed is that longer file names don't work initially. I haven't worked out what the limit is yet but for example, a file named 'This is my second test note.txt' wouldn't sync (Notebook throws an error) but shorter names sync just fine. Once Notebook has inserted the date field, it seems any length file name is OK.

But that aside, it's working for me.

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