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Add completion checkbox to Android task detail view

This is present in iOS versions, where you open the task from a notification and complete it in the detail view.  On Android you have to exit the task detail and you can only compete the task from the list of tasks.  The completion checkbox needs to be added to the detail view in Android, please!!!

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This is pretty important.  On the Android app, you can set Alerts and get notifications.  But when you click on the notification ("Click here to open Todo Cloud") it takes you directly to Edit mode for the task in question - and you cannot complete it from there.  

If you then hit "Cancel" to exit Edit mode, you go to the list of tasks.  But the task that generated the alert, which you just Canceled out of Editing, is *not* selected.  So then, if it's not easily visible (I have hundreds of tasks) you must do a Search to find it.

That's way too many steps to check off a task from a notification!

Ultimately, clicking on the notification should take you to a screen that will allow you to mark the task completed, or edit it to give another Alert (notification) at a later time.  So adding a "Completed" checkbox to the Edit screen would be a great solution.

As a stopgap measure, you could have exiting the Edit mode bring you to the task list, but with the task in question selected, so that you can hit the Completed checkbox there.

Thanks for allowing feedback.

I really thought this would have been implemented by now. Mark complete or snooze the reminder notification is such a basic need for those with lots of notifications. Please consider implementing this soon!

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