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corkulous PROBLEM with ipad.

 Hello !

we are NOT able to use corkulous pro in normal way anymore:

When we want to take a picture, corkulous is showing us the picture which has to be taken in 90degress rotated way !

AFTER we took the photo, corkulous is rotating back the picture  !

THIS is awful !

Also if we are watching the overview over all pinboards, corkulous is NOT able to rotate the picture when we rotate the ipad.

HOW to solve the problem ??


We are using corkulous in our company, how is it possible to do PASSCODE protection to ALL pinboards, so that nobody is able to make any changes to the picture/pinboard, BUT so that it is still possible to have a look to the pinboards pictures and content ?



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I had a situation like this, I zoomed in a lot, took a screen shot and cropped it in photos. It worked out well. I've attached a similar screenshot of a board.
(5.81 MB)
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