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[All] Add Repeat from "Start Date"

When adding more details to a task, the Edit Task page, once the "Repeat" function has been selected there are two choices to "Repeat From:" 1. Repeat from Due Date 2. Repeat from Completion Date Add - Repeat from Start Date Many reoccurring tasks are dependent on the start date and starting a reoccurring task on-time as scheduled. There are cases when a reoccurring project or task may take longer than anticipated but regardless of how long the task took, the reoccurrence of the task is dependent on date and time, not intervals upon completion. If I have a three day task every month, to begin on the second Monday of each month and end three days after, my Start and Due dates would have a spread of three days. However, upon completing the task, the rescheduling can only occur from the Due Date or Completion Date. Therefore, the Repeat From function reschedules the next task not on the second Monday of each month but three days later considering you have two choices: Repeat from Due Date or Repeat from Completion Date. To stay consistent in scheduling, I would need the ability to reschedule based solely on the Start Date which removes all delays in tasks, late starts, taking longer than expected or scheduled, etc. The next reoccurrence will still be scheduled for the Second Monday of each month as long as the "Repeat From" function could be based on the Start Date. Simply adding a third Repeat From function, "Repeat From Start Date," will ensure such tasks or Projects will always start the date identified or contracted to begin each week, month, quarter, etc.

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