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[All] Add a Second Repeat Function to Structure Projects and Subs

The repeat function is currently setup for addressing a 1 time event within a set parameter. However, there are many applications for using events, tasks, projects, as subcategories. Example: Once a year, a Gardner or Agriculturalist will have a reoccurring schedule to amend soil, fertilize, sow seed, water, apply insecticides, foliar spray, etc. to maintain a healthy crop/harvest. Each action to maintain a healthy crop must be accomplished on set intervals (e.g., insecticide once per month, foliar spray, every two weeks, sow seeds once in a year on May 23rd, etc.). Additionally, such actions not only take place annually but during a set time of the year (i.e., May through September or June to August). For example, once every year, I would foliar spray from the First Monday in June to the Third Friday of August. During that time, the foliar spray occurs weekly on every Tuesday and Friday. How can I capture this reoccurring event without having the ability to schedule two reoccurrences? Title: Foliar Spray Reoccurrence Annually Start Date: First Monday of June End Date: Third Friday of August Add-Frequency/Reoccurrence: Every Tuesday and Friday
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