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[All] Reverse order sorting

Please ... one more option when sorting lists (e.g Focus) ... be able to have Today at the top, and then scrolling down takes you to older/overdue items.

It's frustrating in the Focus list having to continuously scroll past overdue items to arrive at what is popping up fresh for today.  Yes, I know I should probably reassign or delete those overdue items, but ... well ... you know how it is!

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Bumping this one ... really, really would be great to see it implemented!

This is NOT something that can be done using Settings/Sorting etc. .. basically I would like the most recent To Do items at the top of the list, and the rest below.  So when you go into the Focus list, bang, today's items are right there in front of you, and you don't have to wade through 100 old overdue ones to get to today's priorities.

Any chance of adding this?  It would be a HUGE timesaver!


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