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[Web]Todo Cloud - Task Editing Clarity

Double clicking on a task in Todo Cloud brings up the editing panel ... but I wonder if anyone else agrees that is it is not exactly user friendly.  More often than not you simply want to change the folder or perhaps the due date, and yet finding those two fields amongst all the other competing fields is never very fluid.

Also how about an OK button once done?  Not sure if it's just me, but it never feels right to edit something with software, and then not have any way to confirm it.  Clicking elsewhere just to get rid of the task edit pane always makes me feel I'm going to lose the edit I just made ... even after a week of using it every day.

Sorry - last one for this week I promise ... !

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I agree. It is counter productive to be required to go through the extra steps of the popup editing panel in order to change the due date, edit the task name, change priority, change starred status, etc. I find the interface to edit notes to also be quite inconvenient since it is so small.

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