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Sorting Lists


i have lists set up, eg now, next, someday.

Is it possible to sort these lists on the web app?

It doesnt make sense to have next above now.

Thank you

Currently the web app does not allow sorting of lists, but we are currently working on updates to both Todo for Mac and Todo Cloud Web to bring them in line with Todo on the iOS.


Hi Jeff - has this feature been added?

Allowing the web application to do the same manual drag and drop sort as the iOS application would be great!  I manually sort lists by what I need to do today, and dragging them into place is natural and easy, and most importantly quick!  It already works that way in the iOS app, and it is the single most important feature for me to manage the lists.  Otherwise, priorities are just too fluid to try to assign a number or a date.  New items should just land on top.  Alphabetizing a task list is probably even worse than random.  A task in the list from an earlier day that hasn't been done yet is probably a lower priority than a task yo are adding today, and if not just sliding it a few rows fixes it.  The ability to have web and iOS device sync along with manual list sort are what ToDo does that sets it apart from the other 2,456 task management apps out there.

Actually, maybe it is just a bug.  The web application has the three horizontal bar icon that allows dragging a task into a new position.  Dragging it onto an existing tasks works and has the user interface (a surrounding box) to indicate a task merge, and the user interface has an underline to show where a new task is going to go in the sort order and moves the task there.  But refreshing the page puts the order back to where it was.  So it is "just" an update problem with a task that has been manually moved on the web.  I'm using Chrome browser BTW, Explorer has same issue.  All the UI and underlying database parts are in place, it just needs to save a manual reorder once it is dropped into the new position.  Please fix this!


We are working on a web update (have been for quite some time) we believe it is getting a lot closer to be released and we hope we are able to release it before the end of the year.


...any status update on this?  I use this sorting feature much like Burt.  Very interested in when this might be resolved.

We are still working on the update, but I do not have a timeline for the release at this time.


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