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[iOS and Mac] ToDo integration into "Outlook for MAC" (Outlook 2011)


I'm just starting to get to grips with ToDo Cloud 7 and I'm enjoying it.

I am a (nearly) converted long-time user of the application "That can't be named" (HaHa! I've spotted Gavin likes redacting the name of ToDo's key competitor).

Anyway, as far as I'm aware, integrating apps, such as ToDo, into the MAC version of MSOutlook, is rarely achieved. I do not know why when it is so common for the windows versions.

So, is some form of integration with Outlook 2011 for OSX even possible, far less on the: "Might be implemented sometime in the future" list?

Thanks, C.

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 I'm currently searching for a solution too. Besides the outdated look of the Mac- and WebApp I like ToDoCloud so much...

Are there any plans to integrate in any Mac-Mailapp (Apple-App or Outlook, or maybe any other) to keep track of Mails? I think this could a key-feature for the future.

Another big payer has a Plugin for Windows-Version of Outlook, but not the Mac-Version.

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