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[All] Suggestions for improvement.

I love the Todo app and have used it daily for several years. Here are a couple of suggestions that would help users like me: 1. Allow users to change the priority indicators in the app from !, !!, !!!, to other options including A, B, C. I've grown up my entire life using A, B, C as priority indicators and would like to use them in this app. 2. With Focus lists, allow a sort criteria to be date due. I would like to be able to have the focus list sort on the various criteria provided INCLUDING those due today or those due tomorrow. 3. On the iPad app, on the main view that shows lists on the left and the calendar/tasks on the right, allow users to expand the view of the calendar/tasks so that they take up the entire screen (and hide the list of lists). This would allow users to see more of each task and to see more tasks. This will help users as they review tasks and prioritize and edit tasks for the day. Thanks and keep up the great work!

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