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Windows Phone App

It would be nice if there was an app for my windows phone.

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Yes please!
Followed by a Windows Desktop version.

Yes please! Windows Phone app, thanks :-)))

I agree with David.  (You should listen to him--he's a well known author and technologist). :O)

Windows Phone is one of the main mobile platforms these days and if you have a serious app, you really need to have an offering on that platform.  Also, from what I'm seeing, Win Phone 8 is becoming more and more the enterprise mobile platform of choice.  So you'd be wise to support it to garner a number of enterprise users.

You have a great task/todo ecosystem, with cloud-backed service.  And great user experiences on your client apps.  (Have tried iPad/iPhone).  Now to complete the experience, you just need to make the apps available on the platform that more and more of us are choosing out here.


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