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Option for new tasks to always go to Inbox with no context

I would like to have an option in settings so that all new tasks will go to Inbox and have no context unless otherwise specified in task details.

I know there is an option that allows you to specify a default list, but that only seems to affect tasks created from the main view. For example, if I'm in my Next Action list, the task will be added into this list unless I manually go to the task details and change it there. In fact there seems to be a bug on iPhone currently, that even tasks created from the main view will always go to the last viewed.

The same is true for the context -- if you have a context turned on, any new task will have this context automatically assigned.

Justification: I'm trying to practice GTD and I often think of a something I need to do while I'm focusing on another task. I'd like to capture this new task as quickly and roughly as possible and process it later. Currently, I have to either manually tap "details" and manually switch the list to Inbox and unset the context, or navigate out of my "Next Action" list and into the "Inbox" before adding new task (and I still have to unset the context manually). Otherwise, the task will get lost in my fairly large action list, which I review much less often than the Inbox.

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i have a similar concern.

one possible workaround: use the "quick add hotkey" (preferences -> general -> quick add hotkey) to bring up a dialog box for adding a new item.

if you use that method, the current list and context will NOT be automatically applied to your newly created item.

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