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[Possible Bug] Target list shows duplicate names when moving into checklist

I have several projects, each containing several checklists.  In each project, the checklists have the same name.  If I need to move items from one checklist to another, the interface shows all of the checklists, including those from other projects. The project name is not included in the list, so it is impossible to know which checklist name goes with the current project.

I can think of two ways to solve this, but both require Appigo to fix the code.  I'm posting here to see if anyone else is seeing this, and if a way around this has been found.

Background:  I use Todo Pro for many things.  In this case, each project is a trip on my boat.  The checklists are so I remember to bring everything I'm supposed to have along for that trip.  I have a template that I use and copy for each trip, and then adjust the details for the specific trip being planned.  The checklists are named things like "White Ice Chest" and "Blue Ice Chest" and "Packing", and so on.  Each trip has the same basic checklist, so as I build up more and more trips (Projects), the duplicates in the move items target list are going to become unmanageable.   

First solution:  Only show checklists that are in the current project.  Provide a navigation method to select other projects to see the checklists inside those projects so they can be selected if desired.

Second solution:  Include the project name in the target list so we can select the checklist in the desired project.

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