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[All] Include Year in due/start date if not current year

It gets kinda hard when you have a task that repeats on a annual basis or is actually scheduled with a due date not during the current year. Maybe next year or more away. In order to figure out the year for a task that is clearly being shown as NOT late, NOT overdue…..I need to open the task to see the actual due date with year. Understandable to use sparse display formatting on the app when running on an iPhone or iPod Touch where real estate is at a premium but not on an iPad, where the issue of worrying about display space isn’t so critical. Can we have a setting that allows us to show the full due and start dates with year? Perhaps show it as NNMMMYY (14May14) a display format that is still economical (and may even fit within the display confines of an iPodTouch or iPhone) but carries more info?

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