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Streamline Intelligent Task Parsing

A few tweaks and logic adds would greatly improve the ease of use of Intelligent Task Parsing for dates:

Don't mandate a ) at the end of the due date.  The leading ( should be enough of a date queue for the system.  On mobile devices, getting to the ( takes enough time.  Closing the parenthesis is a bit of a time suck

Example: Make lunch (tomorrow

Recognize logical date shortenings


Mon, Tue, Wed, Weds, Thu, Thur, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun

Tod, Tom

Next Fri

If today is a thursday (Thursday) means 1 week from today

There may be a few more other users can suggest (I believe someone suggested a parsing for starring a task, that would be good as well)

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I like this idea and I've incorporated most of what you've said in iOS with TextExpander.  So I can use a shortcut like "tm9" and it will translate to (tomorrow at 9am).  Granted, I have to remember all of my shortcuts and what they mean, so it would be nice to have Todo recognize the shortcuts you mentioned.

But for a workaround, try the shortcuts with TextExpander, it might help you out.

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