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Provide a preference that enables a choice to add new checklist tasks to the top of the list instead of the bottom.

I LOVE To Do Cloud but I am frustrated by something.  Whenever a task is added to a checklist, it falls to the bottom of the list by default.  I can understand that this makes sense for some users or some contexts but when I add a task to a checklist it is always more important, or needed on a more timely basis, than the existing tasks.

Thus, I am forced to move each new task to a higher position in the list.  And my checklists tend to be long. So, it is a lot of extra work which is a waste of time and, is particularly tedious on the iPhone.

Since there are likely users who are satisfied with the current default behavior, I am not asking to change it but rather am asking for a Preference setting for users to define how they want new task creation within a Checklist to behave - place new items at top of list or at bottom of list.

Please consider this in a near-term release.  Thank you.



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