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iOS 8 compatibility

Unable to enter Gallons and Price (per gal) when adding a new record of a fillup. The odometer reading works, though. Was the last update to this app really in 2010?

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A developer is currently working on an update for Accufuel. If you would like to be notified when something is ready please follow @AccuFuel on Twitter.

You can also connect with the developer directly through twitter.

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The app is useless in the IOS8 environment.  This is not good support.

I have the same issue as Bruce. It has been one of my regularly used apps for a good few years now and would appreciate an update. I also noticed that when you go onto the information button to the bottom left, and you try to pick 'help and documentation' that it doesn't go anywhere and you have to close the app - it won't go back when 'Done' is pressed.
Guys, please sort this out - your wonderful app which has been good as gold for years now has suddenly gone all funny on us - whilst it's clearly not the end of the world and I'm sure there are other fuel type apps on the app store, i really like yours and would like you to address this issue ASAP please - it's messing with my OCD really, really badly... :-)  Thanks, Paddy x


Yes ... Me too on iOS 8.  The input does not appear to work but I believe it is saving the data but just not displaying.

It also will NOT import data from my old iOS 7 phone.  :-((

I hope you get this fixed soon.

I'm in the exact same boat.  I just submitted a support ticket and then decided to check the forums.  On the bright side, at least I am not alone!

My issue is slightly different than Bruce's.  When I save it, it saves a completely empty record.
Scratch that!  I just went into it and typed all the data in and saved a record and it DID save the data as Bruce says.  I DID find that when I tried to delete the empty record, the app crashed and the record was not deleted.

But at least I can still save my data!


My ticket is 74802.  Let's hope someone is working this.  I really Like Accufuel and don't want to have to find a replacement app.


All this talk or finding another app.  I tried - they are all rubbish.  I downloaded about 10 of them yesterday, paying for some, and all are hideous or don't properly support UK units.  Accufuel pre iPhone 5 (larger screen) was great (I rated it 5 stars) - the best by far.  But the iPhone 5 broke the rendering in some case, then iOS8 breaks it fully (you can't add a new car without it crashing - I have a new car, so this is an issue!).  Please fix this - it was once a 5 star app and I can't see it taking too much work getting it back to its former glory.

iOS8, but slightly different problems:

1.  Cannot add the mileage.  The app accepts a partial (and wrong) entry only.

2.  Cannot edit the mileage.  The app won't allow it.

3.  Cannot delete the erroneous entry.  Click on 'delete' and the app shuts down.  Re-open it, and erroneous entry is still there.

And then there's the issue of their support page.  I have a ticket number, and when I use the link, my firewall tells me that it isn't appigo but freshdesk.  I allow it to continue, log-in, and discover that it believes that I have no ticket pending.  So I replied to their email; will see if anything comes of it.

Presently?  The app is entirely useless except as a record of the past.

Please fix the app for iOS 8 !

Ditto Bruce!  My entries to the app are saving ok, but I can't see the text when I am typing it in AND the first support ticket I raised also vanished - have raised another.

It would be a shame to have to move to a different app considering I have data going back to september 2008 for three cars!

I just opened a ticket since I can't delete a duplicate entry on the iPad. The app just closes when I try.

Any one from Appigo even looking at this thread?  If its abandon ware - please let us know!!?

i just checked and my ticket  75483 no longer exists and they still do not answer their phone or return calls

And 74802 is gone as well.  Nice to see a company just totally BLOWING OFF their customers!  I guess it is time to update the reviews of this and all there other apps in the app store to reflect this "high quality" customer service.
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