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iOS 8 compatibility

Unable to enter Gallons and Price (per gal) when adding a new record of a fillup. The odometer reading works, though. Was the last update to this app really in 2010?

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A developer is currently working on an update for Accufuel. If you would like to be notified when something is ready please follow @AccuFuel on Twitter.

You can also connect with the developer directly through twitter.

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Not only has AccuFuel completely failed to function under iOS 11, but their own log-in page refuses to allow me to update my email address.  Name?  Yes.  Phone number? Yes.  Title?  Yes.  Twitter 'name'? Yes.  But email address? Not a chance. <tap tap tap> Is anyone in there?

Those of us who do not "tweet" wouldn't mind having the developer report progress (if any) every now & then on this forum or somewhere else in (if you'll excuse the expression) "support".


I do not have that answer. You will need to get in touch with the developer through twitter.


Hello Jeff, This is very welcome news - thank you so much for listening to us, apreciatated.  I've been limping along with the app in its unsupported state - it's still better than your opponents, even when broken in my opinion...  Any idea what sort of timeframe we're looking at?  You know what it's like, you mention it and all the users start demaning it yesterday... :-)  All the best, Paddy


Agree completely. I am not a Twitter either.

Excellent news, but .... some of us do not twit.  A notification here would not go amiss.



A developer is currently working on an update for Accufuel. If you would like to be notified when something is ready please follow @AccuFuel on Twitter.

You can also connect with the developer directly through twitter.

Just checked the App Store ... and the app is no longer there, even when searching on the exact name. OK, appigo, at least fix it to the point where we can extract our data.

Boyd, I do understand that Appigo's team is fully focused on their "main product", but completely ignoring and even deleting users' tickets is just outrageous! On top of that, the Twitter account provided 'for more details' has not reveiced any updates since Oct 27 - a full two weeks ago.

Does anyone at Appigo use their own product? This issue should have been detected already in the iOS 8 Beta phase and, since it's not that complicated app, the fix should not take more than a business day to fix for a skillful programer.

Yes, I'm really frustrated. I have no way of knowing whether my last fill-ups have been recorded or not. And even worse, I have more than four years of logs inside the app which I can't get out. If nothing else, then just give me a tool to get my data out.

Sorry for the delay on AccuFuel. The main Appigo team has been, like many have suggested, heavily focused on Todo. Please follow the AccuFuel app on Twitter and more details will be posted there as they become available.

AccuFuel on Twitter:

My ticket has gone too.  I've submitted another asking them to be straight with their customers.

It turns out new threads are now moderated, so the one I posted yesterday here hasn't been approved.

I've not looked at Appigos ToDo app before so dont know how it compares to others; I've tried Wunderlist, and eventually settled on ToDoIst -  Great app and have zero problems with any of their upgrades and it integrates nicely with everywhere I think I'd ever need my task list displayed (I think they are benefiting from HTML5 apps across all the platforms).

All I want to say is that I'm done with Appigo. To be fair, they might be having an internal crisis with resources to fix problems with ToDo, especially after the iOS upgrade and now the OSX upgrade. If you look at their forums, there seems to be backlogs everywhere. Doesn't look like they even have the time to clean up spam. That said, their conduct in blowing off people who supported them in the early days is appalling. On my part, I've put out money to get on the ToDo bandwagon on all of my Apple devices. As of just now, I've abandoned them -- just to return the favor -- for a competitor and all costs chalked up to a nasty learning experience. Believe me, reviews and recommendations for this 2-bit company will hardly be forthcoming and, if they are, will not be pleasant.

Had another accufuel support ticket deleted; created a new one about the missing tickets under general category.
I can still find it by searching for accufuel. Left a review too.
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