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iOS 8 compatibility

Unable to enter Gallons and Price (per gal) when adding a new record of a fillup. The odometer reading works, though. Was the last update to this app really in 2010?

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A developer is currently working on an update for Accufuel. If you would like to be notified when something is ready please follow @AccuFuel on Twitter.

You can also connect with the developer directly through twitter.

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Hello Jeff, This is very welcome news - thank you so much for listening to us, apreciatated.  I've been limping along with the app in its unsupported state - it's still better than your opponents, even when broken in my opinion...  Any idea what sort of timeframe we're looking at?  You know what it's like, you mention it and all the users start demaning it yesterday... :-)  All the best, Paddy



I do not have that answer. You will need to get in touch with the developer through twitter.


Those of us who do not "tweet" wouldn't mind having the developer report progress (if any) every now & then on this forum or somewhere else in (if you'll excuse the expression) "support".

Not only has AccuFuel completely failed to function under iOS 11, but their own log-in page refuses to allow me to update my email address.  Name?  Yes.  Phone number? Yes.  Title?  Yes.  Twitter 'name'? Yes.  But email address? Not a chance. <tap tap tap> Is anyone in there?

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