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iOS 8

Is Notebook compatible with iOS 8? Has anyone tried to run Notebook under iOS 8? Thanks!
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I've been running Notebook on my iPhone 4S since the iOS 8 update became available in late September. The app technically runs on iOS 8, but not well. In fact the reason I came to these support pages today was to try to find out if an update to Notebook was coming out soon, or was at least planned. On iOS 8.0 / iOS 8.0.2, I find Appigo Notebook (the most recent version of this app available for iPhone as of October 12, 2014) to be super slow and buggy: The app crashes often, and dictation will often do strange and terrible things, like overwrite material that was directly below the insertion point instead of adding new material and pushing the older stuff down like it should and always did. Keyboard entry is often inhumanely slow and unresponsive in Notebook, with a nagging delay between tap and display on screen. I never used to have this problem in the first years of owning Notebook, but I do recall the app slowing down in recent years (especially when navigating through the opening selection screens to the note I want to open — but also speed of keyboard text entry within a note) prior to the iOS 8 release, possibly due to the volume of notes I have stored in Notebook. I'm a heavy user of Appigo Notebook, turning to it frequently to jot down, dictate and copy/paste notes, letters, essays, etc. as well as for saving, archiving and looking up important information, articles, etc.) I have amassed nearly 800 notes in 15 some-odd categories, all synced with ToodleDo Notes. In the interest of completeness, I will add that the reliability of the basic, system-wide "Copy" and "Cut" (to clipboard) features have faltered greatly since the iOS 8 release, often "Pasting" items that were cut or copied to the clipboard prior to the latest "Cut", and sometimes long prior. This bug often leads to what Usability Engineers call "catastrophic" failures, such as during a Cut, intending to move a volume of text from one place to another, but suddenly finding myself without the very information I wanted to move, either at its intended destination OR at the source. This bug seems to involve all apps, as far as I can tell — experiencing it right now in fact, just writing this in Google app for iPhone, which has most certainly been updated since the iOS 8 release. Apart from the Cut issue, I don't believe I've encountered these issues in other apps (especially the ones that have been updated since the iOS 8 release) but I admit I'm not entirely sure. I have dearly loved Appigo Notebook over the years, but these recent issues are really crushing for me. In despair, I have even been considering migrating over to (*gasp*) Evernote, at least to see if these speed and bugginess issues go away. Over the years, Evernote finally caught up with Appigo Notebook with its note categorization/folder functionality, a key requirement for me as a refugee from the Palm world. Anybody know when Appigo might be coming out with an update?
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