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Notebook iOS 8 update?

I am a longtime Appigo Notebook fan and power user, but have noticed a number of serious bugs and performance issues in Notebook (v2.2.1) running on iOS 8. The iOS 8 release happened on 9/16/14, but Notebook has not been updated since 11/11/13. I noticed that last year it took Appigo well over a month to release an iOS 7-compatible update for Notebook, arriving in late October after a mid-September iOS 7 release date. Should we expect the same this year for iOS 8? Or did last year's delay signal the start of a losing battle to keep Appigo's non-ToDo apps up to date in a timely fashion? FWIW I have dearly loved and appreciated Appigo Notebook since I first purchased it several years ago, but I rely on Notebook heavily, and need to know: Is Notebook still being updated and maintained? Or should I start looking for another note-keeping app to migrate over to that will work on iOS 8? Please advise. Thanks!
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I am also a long time user of Todo and Notebook. It was great when Todo syncing through iCloud worked, but Notebook was no longer usable. I used Notebook as a repository for the projects I was tracking through ToDo, as the one year limit on archived items in ToDo threatened, I concluded, being able to keep my Todo project histories as the "record". Thus I have been emailing project files from Todo to store on documents on my iMac as the simplest way to replace Notebook. I recall asking Appigo about this and was told that with iOS7, Apple discontinued allowing apps to have connectivity. They have to be stand alone, and no iCloud syncing across apps is possible. To me, this would mean that Appigo needs to bundle Notebook into Todo, so it is one app. Meanwhile, I'm holding off on upgrading to iOS8 and Yosemite until the fix from Fred Hammond of Appigo promised in a week or so. Whenever I look at competing apps, none has the capabilities of Todo6. Bundling in Notebook would be a huge plus.
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