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Subtasks in "Today" view

Currently when a subtask is due you see the parent task in the view, and need to expand the parent to see the subtask.  When you do this you see ALL subtasks, which may or may not be of interest.

I would like an option to invert this and show only the subtask as a top-level line in the Today view.  So for example, main task "Sell House" might have subtasks "Contact Realtor", "Repair Roof" and "Get Inspection":

V Sell House

      Contact Realtor - due 1/10

      Repair Roof - due 1/5

      Get Inspection - due 1/15

What I'd like to see in the view is

> Repair Roof 1/5

> Contact Realtor 1/10

> Get Inspection 1/15

Expanding any one of the lines would display the parent task with subtasks under it, excluding the focused subtask.  After expanding "Repair Roof" you'd see

V Repair Roof 1/5

     Sell House (parent)

         Contact Realtor 1/10

         Get Inspection 1/15

The advantage of this is that one can immediately see what needs to be done without having to drill down into a parent task to pick out the single one of possibly dozens of subtasks. 

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Others have suggested an "Expand All" button somewhere on the ToDo Cloud screen.  It is painful to have to go to every triangle and expand each one.  Microsoft Word outline mode has a very nice implementation of viewing/controlling a hierarchical list.

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