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Exporting/archiving old tasks

I've been a huge fan of Todo for years, but, like other users, I was under the impression that I'd be able to export previous tasks from the cloud to a CSV file or spreadsheet. It's imperative that my team and I can download a searchable backup of all previous tasks (not just a year's worth) because of client requirements.

I understand that your current policy is not to purge data, which is good news, but without some sort of confirmation that an export function is planned, we'll have no choice but to use a different service.

Would you be able to give us a definitive answer on this?

Thanks in advance.

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Toodledo, which is a free service, let's the user export data into various formats such as csv. That is the only reason why I use their service instead of appigo's.

I want simple text list of old tasks, too.  

Same comment, but my reason is different. I have dozens, maybe hundreds of pending tasks, and I want to be able to deliver a complete list of them to my loved ones in case something happens to me.  I see no way to do that I missing something?

Importing and exporting data (in this case, tasks) from a task management app, in an open (non proprietary) file format is one of the most basic and essential functions anyone can expect to have. Most competitors offer it.

Failing to provide this is currently a major repelling feature for any serious user to switch to Todo Cloud, regardless of its functional advantages. For any serious user, investing in using such a tool cannot be made with the fear of having to manually re-enter all data from a previous tool or into another one if/when deciding to stop using your product. Trapping customers by betting on them not willing to take this painful process certainly is the best way to repel people from trusting you in the first place, and to make your customers frustrated and angry at you. I believe ToDo has way more convincing reasons to make their customers faithful by providing a quality, function-rich, well designed environment that will be enough to convince them not to go away !!

I hope things will move quickly on this subject which seems to be raised periodically without any result to this date...

Best regards,


I have the same issue. I use this tool to be able to fill in my monthly report (afterwards) of the things I have done. How can I archive the tasks that are been taken care of? All I see here are questions, no answers. Best regards, PJ

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Hello Everyone, 

At the moment its not possible to have your tasks archived.

Thank you so much for your feedback, we're actively discussing these topics. We're not able to comment on when or if they'll be added however please know that we review all the feature request/suggestions. 

Thanks of taking the time out to share this with us. 

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Hi Keno, any update on this? @Keno


any updates?

HI Mick, 

At the moment there is still no further update on this feature request. Our team however feels this is important and are looking into this more keenly. 

Hello.  I am going to stop using the TODO because there is no ability to import or export my data.   I need the capability to function in my job.   On to other platforms that will allow the import and export of tasks.     If this option is support, I might use it again. 

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