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Filter focus list so it only shows tasks assigned to me

I am really wanting to use Todo to collaborate with a number of colleagues.  While it is good to be able to see what everyone is doing by looking at the All Tasks or the specific list I'm working on with someone, when I'm looking to just get on with my tasks I want to be able to click on the focus list and "focus" on what I am responsible for.  Thus, having a filter that allows me to only see the tasks that are assigned to me would be great.  

It would also be beneficial to be able to include/exclude unassigned tasks.  That is, if you could filter to show my assigned tasks and unassigned tasks, seeing an unassigned task would prompt me to assign to the rightful owner if it is not mine.  

Finally, email notifications seems to me to be a bit of an outdated way of notifying a person if you assign/take a task from them.  There's just too much email noise out there for it to be meaningful in a 'real time' setting.  I would have thought there was someway of building in a change to task ownership into the Todo notifications system.

Thanks for considering this.  Keep up the good work.


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If you are in your focus list you can turn on a filter to show tasks that are assigned to you or anyone else you are sharing lists with. The icon is an outline of two people. If you do not see it on your screen that the ">" in the bottom middle of you screen.


Not allowing me to set a filter on the focus list to exclude tasks assigned to others is why I am planning to cancel the accounts for my team.  There is almost no value to a shared list without this feature.

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