RECENT TODO CLOUD UPDATE: Tasks seem to be gone (April 1, 2015)

A few of our users were affected by a recent Todo Cloud update that was on the app store for a few hours late on March 31 and early into April 1, 2015. It would have appeared like your tasks were missing but as long as you are a current subscriber to Todo Cloud they are not.

 To verify all your data is still correct please log into your Todo Cloud account from your computer's web browser at:

If your data is not correct in your Todo Cloud Web account or if you are not currently subscribed to Todo Cloud please email Do NOT delete the app from your device. Please wait for an updated version and we will help you go through the steps to restore your tasks.

If all of your data is in your Todo Cloud Web account the solution is to delete the app off your device and reinstall from the app store. Once you login all your tasks will sync back to your device. This solution is only for users who are on Todo Cloud and whose tasks might not be showing up. HOWEVER, we are waiting on Apple to re-list Todo Cloud on the App Store.  If you need to re-install Todo Cloud immediately, follow these steps:


On your iOS device:
    Open the App Store
    Click on Updates
    At the top click on Purchased
    Click My Purchases
    You'll see a list of all your apps.  Find Todo Cloud click and the download (cloud) icon.

Once Apple releases the updated version, the latest update will come through as normal.  And we'll get it right.  We apologize for the alarm or frustration this has caused you.

The app isn't even on the app store anymore so this doens't work. What the heck is going on!!!!???

 On your iOS device:
    Open the App Store
    Click on Updates
    At the top click on Purchased
    Click My Purchases
    You'll see a list of all your apps.  Find Todo Cloud click and the download (cloud) icon.

The app was not visible through this method either. The message indicates it is not currently on the app store.

Thank you, after removing Todo cloud my Iphone I again instaled Todo Cloud and works very well.

For some reason the only version that I see is Todo 6. No todo cloud. I already checked all my iTunes accounts, only Todo 6 appears in the purchased section.
I only see Todo 6 in my purchased apps. In the App Store I can only find "Todo", no "Todo Cloud".

Please do the following:

-While in the app store click on the updates icon

-At the top of the updates screen you should see "Purchased" tap on this

-You should see a list of apps you have purchased

-Use the pull down gesture to expose the search function

-Use the search function (above your list of purchased tasks) and type in Todo

You should see Todo Cloud and be able to reinstall.


At the latest update, 8.2.1 on 4 April, showed all, repeat all, of my Tasks to be overdue as of 3 or 4 February 2015.  Many of the Tasks were missing subtasks.  I have relied on Todo Cloud for sometime now and this is a bummer.  I have lost information that I may well not recall.

I know how frustrating it can be when your tasks get interrupted, so I apologize for any trouble you've experienced.

We released an update to the app on the App Store (version 8.2.2). Please upgrade to that version and then follow the steps posted in this support article to restore your tasks:

If you hit any problems or have questions about the process, please feel free to reply to email support at

Sorry again for the trouble, but thank you for your patience and for being one of our great customers.

I have upgraded both devices iPad and iPhone to Todo 8.2.3 and there is no synchronization anymore. I fear the reliability of Todo 6 is gone.

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Can you please email support with your diagnostic reports from Todo.


Hi Jeff,

On the older App you were able to 'Show List Names' on the Focus and other top level lists.  Is it possible to do this with the latest app?

I had a problem with the iOS version 9.0 of the software, where all of my lists disappeared.  Support wrote back to me with the following recommendation.  It worked perfectly to fix my problem.

Can you confirm that the data on is correct? 

If the data is correct and your are satisfied with it we're going to reset the data in Todo Cloud on your iPhone and re-sync it with the data inside


To do this, please do the following: 

- Open Todo Cloud on your iPhone

- Select your name

- Select "Account"

- Select "Reset Synchronization Data"

- When the prompt appears, select "Reset"

(The data inside the Todo Cloud app on iPhone will be erased, please wait a few moments for all your task and lists to be re-downloaded from the Todo Cloud server)

If the lists are not downloaded automatically, pull down on the list screen to activate a manual sync.

I do not like the redesign at all, especially for the iPad. I preferred the old format with the calendar paired with the task list. Please bring back the calendar. The ability to see day in bold font to indicate tasks were assigned to that day was invaluable. Again... HATE the new format
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