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ToDo feature request: Notes text in lists

When viewing a list, a note for an item is displayed as a tiny dogeared page icon off to the right, indicating that there's a note you can read.  One nice thing about Apple's native Reminder's app (and I'm sure in other to do apps) is that the note text appears right there under the list item name.  It would be nice not to have to tap the note icon to read the note.  For example, in a list of Movies I'd like to watch, it'd be handy if I could see ""recommended by John" or "supernatural murder mystery" under an entry right there without having to delve deeper.

I suggest that Todo display the note text below the list item name in a smaller font size, similar to the display in Reminders.  Maybe this could be a user pref for those who don't want it.  Even better, an on/off pref such as "Show Note text in List" with subselections "1 line, 2 lines, 3 lines" if the pref is selected. (yeah, a very lengthy note would probably make the list look unwieldy).

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