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Web interface updates

There appears to be an update to the web interface, which I can see is intended to look more like the apps.  However, 

- it is now impossible to see visually when a task or set of tasks is selected, which seriously impairs usability

- the longstanding (2 years or more) issue that repeating tasks with start dates do not advance the start date with each iteration, is STILL NOT FIXED.   

You are going backwards instead of forward with this update.  Can it be rolled back until you at least fix the first issue as it really renders the web interface unusable.   

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Colin, Can you give me more information. When you select a task or a group of tasks they should be highlighted in blue.

Since the update, I can't even see my tasks. All I get is an error that says, “Unable to load tasks: ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined”

And the biggest problem with the new interface is that on the Active status list also appears a lot of completed tasks. How can i use the old version of the web versioun of todo cloud?

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I get the blue highlight fine ... no problem there ... my one issue is with that really clunky, jarring calendar in the bottom left hand corner.  The font doesn't tie in with the rest of the interface, and it just looks & feels wrong.  Can we PLEASE have an option to remove it?  That way we could see more lists etc. in the left panel.  Thanks!


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Thanks Jeff - actually it appears to be resolved now and the highlighting works as you describe.  Any update on the start date issue? 

I agree with Zsolt: the uncompleted tasks are remaining in the active list. Very distracting. It would be nice to be able to minimize the left side bar with the calendar. Never use it.

Additionally, parent tasks with no dates no longer appear based on the due date of the earliest sub-task, but instead at the end of the list in a no-date section.  

I wonder if Appigo is considering rolling back this "upgrade" given the number of issues and terrible user experience that it provides??

I also agree about the calendar on the lower left side.  I use the browser interface on my Surface Pro and the calendar looks terrible and cuts off my folder list.   I see no usefulness for the calendar.   I can switch months, but clicking on any of the dates does absolutely nothing for me.   What is the purpose?


I agree with Kipper's comments about the uncompleted tasks and minimizing the left bar.  Closed tasks move down on the mobile app and previously did on the web app which was a good experience.

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