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ToDo Cloud tasks deleting after deleting several characters using the delete key on the keyboard

Starting a week or so ago, if I use the delete key on my keyboard, in both subject line and notes, to delete more than 3 or 4 characters, the task window disappears, the page auto-refreshes and the the task is GONE!  

I've tried this in Chrome and IE and it's happening in both. Have written Appigo 3 times on this issue and haven't heard anything.  The IOS apps are fine.

Anyone else having this issue?  Something change with the online software?  Solutions?

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Hello Tom, 

Our developers have resolved this bug, and are currently in the finally phase of testing before having it rolled out to the public server. I'm truly sorry for the inconvenience this caused. 

Thank you for your patience. Have a great evening. 

Hi Tom,

I have the same issue and posted it as ticket to the support.

Keno Butler (service rep) informed me that the issue have been given to the development team. They are going to fix it.

Unfortunately Keno could not say when the issue will be rolled out to the public.


Forgive me for saying so, but I'm shocked this issue has taken over 3-4 weeks to correct.  This bug effectively renders ToDo Cloud unusable in all the browsers I've tried.  As a user, it is quite an inconvenience to not be able to use the main program.  One that I'm paying a an annual fee for.  Do you have so few Cloud users that a timely fix just isn't a priority?  I'm a little stunned...

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This continues to be an issue up to day.  I've been having this problem for months.  Just now it happened again and it's so frustrating because I had a lot of notes in the task it's gone.

Is there an ETA for resolving this?  I've been very happy with this app until recently and I'm actually exploring other options.

Keno, could you please talk to the development team concerning this issue.

As you can see, the bug really annoys a lot of people that use and pay for ToDo Cloud.

ToDo Cloud is one of my most used applications at work and home - it really helps me to handle all the tasks and to keep an eye on them. Good work so far, guys!

I work professionally as a software developer for years now and really understand how to deal with new features, support requests and bugs. The reason why I'm writing this is to encourage you and your team to take care of your paying customers.

Regarding the "Todo Cloud Status" on the last update was December, 9th, 2015 - three months ago.

How would you personally feel when a really annoying bug that causes data loss is still not fixed and not rolled out.

Keno, please try to be more specific by telling your customers the problem of not rolling out the fix. Tell them where the problem is and what is your idea to solve this. Give them dates (although this is tough and causes pressure for you).

Get your customers informed! They will understand and appreciate it!

Keep up the good work, you guys have a great product.

Take care,



You've been telling us the same thing for over 2 months. On January 8th (see above) you told me your developers have resolved this bug and you were waiting for roll out.  Today you say you 'forwarded to your development team'.  

So what's the truth?  Your credibility has been shot.  And our patience has expired.  We're paying for a cloud app that we can hardly use and have lost key information of ours to boot.  

This is beyond poor now.  If you guys are going out of business, please do the respectful thing and advise us so we can move on.


Hurry!  I love this app and don't want to switch...  I lost a week's worth of updates and planning yesterday with one keystroke. :o( I rely on this app to track my business ( tasks and personal tasks (which now number 163, down from 200+).  In the meantime, I am doing my work on my little iPhone 5, I am loosing productivity... Help!! I want to keep bragging about this app to all of my colleagues!

I have been suffering this issue for the last months.

Today I lost very critical information, this is over.

Time to switch to other provider, and claim to get my money back!

Keno, how bittersweet it is to hear that you have resolved the issue internally but have no ETA on when it will be deployed so that those of us experiencing critical data loss can feel a sense of security.  

I have decided to go with another provider and have cancelled my To-Do cloud account.  Please go ahead and close out my service ticket.

Have a great day!


Hi there, as far as I see it this issue seems to be solved.

There is a question box asking if the deletion is OK.

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