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Problem adding tasks from Todo cloud web in Focus list

I have been a loyal customer of Todo for years and was happy to switch from Toodledo to Todo Cloud when a web client was added.  

I'm generally not a difficult customer to please, but I must admit that lately I'm getting so frustrated with the web client that I'm getting ready to take all of our business clients to another service and stop recommending Todo.

I'm a software developer, so I understand that bugs occur from time to time.   What really irritates me is the time Appigo has been taking to fix bugs that it has introduced.

First was the repeating task problem.   That took months to fix and made it difficult to manage recurring tasks (most of why I use this service).  Then there was the deleting task bug.   I consider anything that deletes your valuable data a CRITICAL BUG, and this one plagued the service for months after the bug was acknowledged in my support ticket and others reported in the at message thread.

I only noticed that the deleting task bug was fixed because now I notice that a new bug was introduced  Before, when I added a task in the web client, I would type the description under Create New Task and it would appear right below the input box.   I could then click on the newly added task to change the due date, assignment, list, etc.   The way it works now is that it adds a New section below the input box with the newly added task.   This works great if you are in All Tasks or a specific task folder.   However, if you are in the Focus List (which is where I live all day), the task does not appear anywhere.  I either have to go to another folder to add a task or I have to refresh the focus list in order to edit the newly added task.

There have been many obvious quirks and serious bugs in the web client over the past year that makes me think Appigo doesn't test or use their own product. 

I'm hoping Appigo gets their act together soon so I don't have to go seeking out another service.

I have the same problem with the web service. I cannot create a task in Focus. I have to switch to All in order to add it or use my iOS mobile app.

Hi Michael and Craig, 

We're very sorry for the continued inconveniences, we really appreciate the patience you've extended. We have been able to duplicate this on our end and an internal report has been sent to our development team. 

Our dev team is actively working on resolving bugs across all 4 major platforms which we support  (iOS, Web, Mac Android). While we're not able to state a timeline on when this specific bug will be fixed, please rest assured that we are putting all our development resource into fixing current bugs along with the implementation of new features.

Thank you both for understanding, please feel free to reach out to us if you have any additional comments or concerns. 



Appigo Support Team

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