Todo Cloud for Web Version 10.0 Beta 1

We’ve been working on a new version of the Todo Cloud app for the web and want to let you get a sneak peek of it today. Just be aware that it’s still in development and many things are not yet implemented. Here’s our cautionary note…


CAUTION: This is BETA SOFTWARE. We’ve done some testing and basic task editing functions, but you should take care when trying this out with your real tasks. Be specifically cautious when working with tasks that have complex rules (actions, recurring, etc.). Best to experiment with those kinds of tasks in a test list.

We are planning on adding the remaining features in by the end of July and will be making regular updates to the beta version and announcing the updates in our Facebook beta group here:

From a high-level, here are the features we’re still working on:

- Premium accounts and payment system

- List sharing
- Calendar view (for drag and drop rescheduling)
- Localization (into the other languages supported on iOS)
- Task search
- Display & editing of projects & checklists
- Task counts on smart lists, lists, projects, checklists
- UI refinements (like the little indicators on a task, task completion countdowns, etc.)

The "Teaming" (Todo for Business) features we will likely update some time this fall after the official v10.0 release.

We value your opinions and want to know how you like the app. Please request to join our beta page so you can comment and report issues directly to our product teams.

Without further delay, here’s where you can try it out:

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Is there an update to this one on a different location? I just tried and could not get to it.

Hi Nicolas, 

We've rolled out 4 updates however there is currently a bug that our team is looking into which prevents the page from being loaded in Safari, if you are using Safari please try logging in using a different browser such as Chrome or Firefox. 


Will you be adding file attachments in this release? Many emails have PDF'S attached it'd be great to save them with the task.

File attachments are not being added in this release however we have it on our pipeline for a future release. 

The Facebook page seems to be a dead link.

Nice new L&F, but missing some key features that were in the old version. 

What happened to these features? Are they in the 'pipeline'? 

- Search?!?? 

- Tag display in list

- Filtering by tag

I'm lost without these features, so I'm hoping they're coming soon. Meanwhile, I'll go back to the legacy version. Bummer! I was really looking forward to this update, as the legacy version is still pretty buggy.  


I've recently bought the Premium version on my android but when I acces the website it says that I don't have a premium account and it's so frustraring!

What can I do?


Thanks for sending in your purchase receipt, I'm glad that we were able to get this issue resolved. 

lo utilizzo su iphone, vorrei utilizarlo anche su mac, con la sincronizzazione

Hi Silavano, 

Please download our Mac app here:

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