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I bought Corkulous several years ago. Now I find that my version no longer works properly and that the Corkulous app has been taken on by another company who charge a yearly subscription for an app I've already paid for. I'm really not happy about this state of affairs. The new company sent me a rather terse, reproachful response to my negative review in the App Store. Between the diatribe they suggested that I should contact you for a solution. So can you please tell me what to do, now that I have a useless app?

Hi Paul, 

Regrettably, Corkulous is no longer owned or supported by Appigo. However you can reach out to the new owner here:

Thanks for your reply. The new owners can't help and they have made the product subscription based which I can't agree with having already paid for it once. But the new owners are not interested it seems in anything but making money.
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