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[All] Allow more than 1 context to be assigned

It would be great if you could assign more than 1 context to a todo item. Right now I have to use tags as contexts, but I'd prefer to use tags for other reasons.

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Contexts were designed to be able to link a task to a location, the thought behind only allowing one context to be assigned to a task is that you can not be two places at once.

Could you perhaps provide an example to how and why you would assign two contexts to a task?

An example would be in a grocery list, where some items have to be purchased at one particular store, but other items could be purchased at either of two stores, others at any of three stores, etc. Many tasks are relevant to multiple different places.

I use contexts to define where and/or WHAT I need to get a task done (phone, email, internet, home, work, etc). Some of these overlap. Having only 1 context is limiting.

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