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Hyper Linking to supporting internal docs

It would be awesome, on the web app, to be able to hyper link to an internal document such as a Word Form, or a Spread Sheet, from within a project or a task.

I understand that you would have to be on a machine or portal in the first place which has authorized access to where the document is stored.

You can come close now, by putting an actual published web address in the note section, right clicking, then there is an option to "go to website" but it doesn't allow doing so to a file.

Thanks for an awesome product.  Not complaining, but participating in making it even better with feedback.

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I think this is a critical upgrade. When selecting a task most of the time there are supporting documents, URLs, and images required to complete the task. Having that at your finger tips while in ToDo adds much more value added. If nothing less integrate with Evernote or DropBox. Without supporting files and information linked the application is still just a task manager with lots of alerts and sorting. WITH file links the application becomes a focal point for working. I have used many apps and file links or at least URL and image support is integrated in most. 

Hi Bruce, Thanks for the feedback. We've tinkered around with some options here and are hoping at some point to have some better solutions for interacting with documents.


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