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Paste list as text

 I frequently get shopping lists from my wife via email. These are one item per line, delimited by newlines. Example:


2 red onions

lunch meat

I'd love to be able to copy the list from the email, go to ToDo, select my Shopping List, hit paste, and see all of the items added to the list.

I know you can add a new project/checklist if the items are comma-separated, but that requires a lot of work upfront, and I don't need a project or checklist for this.

It's very tedious to copy and paste each item individually.

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I managed to create a workaround using Automator, but it would be much much better if this were built-in! Here's my Automator solution:

The text in the Applescript action:

on run {input, parameters}
   set inputString to input as string
   set remindersList to every paragraph of inputString
   tell application "Todo Pro" to activate
   repeat with reminderText in remindersList
     set the clipboard to reminderText
     tell application "System Events"
       tell process "Todo Pro"
         tell menu bar 1
           tell menu bar item "File"
             tell menu "File"
               click menu item "New Task"
             end tell
           end tell
         end tell
         keystroke "v" using {command down}
         keystroke {return}
       end tell
     end tell
   end repeat
   return input
end run


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