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[All] Evernote integration

Will Todo support Evernote integration, so a task is created when I set a reminder at a note? Even more use full, create subtask id task are created within that note?

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Maybe Evernote links to start?

Evernote links

more helpfull it will generate automatically a task if a defined TAG is added to a note and may be more usefull a list is created with a name of a notebook if that note book has a specific TAG assigned.

If reminder settings can be synced, this will be the perfect combination :)


Everything should link to Evernote.  Maybe adding a tag in ToDo automatically will send that entry to Evernote.  Some kind of quick tap or entry and send to Evernote option would be fantastic.  Between Evernote and ToDo, you can't miss a thing.  I agree with above comments.  Keep up the good work on your product.

Dr. Abrams

Evernote links already work on Mac and iOS.  As for integration, try this for now.

TaskClone costs an additional yearly subscription. This should be something included in the cost of subscribing to Todo Pro. I don't want to add to the list of subscriptions I pay... especially for an app that has ONE function which is basically to generate an email... really? If it was a one-time cost that might be different but probably not. The best todo system should play nice with the best note-taking system. It's as simple as that. 

Agree that TaskClone is at best a work around. Although even deeper Todo access to Evernote might prove valuable, for now if Evernotes with reminders were available in Todo in much the same way they are in the Sunrise calendar app that would be a great leap forward.

I would love to see something similar to RTM.  When you set a reminder in Evernote it auto creates a task in ToDo App.  They also 2 way synch and when the Evernote link is selected it opens the note in the Evernote app not the web.

I don't believe Remember the Milk (RTM) is anywhere near as robust as Todo Cloud, but its ability to link with Evernote through EN reminder dates is an outstanding feature.  EN reminder dates and linked EN note titles can both be changed from within RTM (but not the note content, tags, notebook), and EN reminder dates respond to repeating date settings in RTM.

I am using Evernote as a collaborative daily log ( calls, walk-ins, etc) that is easily available to all of my staff. I would like for my evernote reminders to go to magically appear in ToDo. Ideally i would like them to go to the task or project where they belong, but i would accept having to move them from the inbox, etc.

I too, would like some integration with apple calendars. I realize that tasks and events are different things, but the calendar view with everything in one place is golden. tasks could be a pop up from a count bubble or something. Either appigo makes a calendar view that integrates apple calendar ( which seems easier) or finds a way to link tasks into it would streamline workflow for many.

As a example of Evernote Integration, the task management app called Swipes (iOS only) now provided direct linkage to Evernote notes.  Tasks can be created by assigning a "swipes" tag to an Evernote note, or a task created in the App can have existing Evernote notes attached to it (and can be opened from the app in Evernote).  The app does not appear use or alter the Evernote note reminder however.

 This would be an huge productivity boosting feature!  This should be at the top of Appigo's ToDo list. :-)


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