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Multi-synchronization support

After a long hiatus, as a previous user of both ToodleDo and ToDo I miss being able to synchronize tasks among the two and still use the features of the Cloud version.

Each application has its strong and weak points and, although I prefer ToDo for everyday ToDo lists, for some project management and time-keeping tasks I would still prefer the capabilities of ToodleDo.

Now, it would be easier to provide such synchronization capabilities directly from your servers instead of having to put them on the application.

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Looking for the ability to synch Toodledo tasks to the cloud version at the very least.


I also miss the possibility to sync between multiple accounts. It would be very "smart" to have:

  • either the opportunity to sync from within the apps with multiple accounts
  • or the possibility to link the todo-cloud account to other accounts (mostly for me it's Toodledo)
thnx for looking in to this!
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