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Todo Cloud Web App is subpar

I have been a user for over 3 years. Originally I started with an iPhone, then Mac, then iPad, then HTC One/Nexus 5. Now I am using it at work and have to use a Windows PC. I have been struggling with the web app (lack of modern web app features: limited interactions, constant reloading and no live updating, no keyboard shortcuts, slow, buggy interface). I really want to keep using Todo but will migrate to another platform that works better natively with Windows/Android. Please let me know if the web app will be getting some love over the next few months.

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Hi Tim, we do plan on updating the web with some newer features, but it's probably a few months out at least. Thanks for asking.


What is the status of this?  The web app is subpar at best.


Agreed. Especially with Windows 8. Totally unusable, which will prevent me from using Todo for professional use.

........... still waiting for an update of the web-app, the todo-app is the best, the web-app needs to be updated urgently!!


Hello Hannes, 

Our development teams is currently working on the updated version of the Web and Mac apps which will a similar look and feel to the recently released Todo Cloud 9 iOS app. 

Thank you for your continued patience, we're happy to have you as a Todo user. 

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thank you for this quick reply, perfekt job and perfekt App!


I'm so exited to hear that Todo Web is being updated.   I love the new iOS version, and I live in the Web client every day.  It will be nice to see feature parity in the Web interface.


Still waiting for Todo Web to be updated.  :-(

Hi Matt, Please check out our post here:

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Sorting (by Due Date, Priority) seems broken in every list. Guess I should have beta tested. 

Great to see the new Todo Cloud Web. Thanks people!

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