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Error pop-up and syncing via wi-fi

When syncing via wi-fi fails, Todo for iOS pops up an error message, "Error Updating/Local Network Sync not found" and then requires the user to hit "OK" to proceed. I think that window should not pop up under certain circumstances: wi-fi is disabled under iOS or Todo for Mac is not running or wi-fi is disabled on the Mac. (If those conditions are met and there's still an error, that should be reported.) In the case of local syncing, unlike cloud syncing, there will be times when the user is not expecting sync to occur and the popped-up error window simply interferes with smooth operation.

Having the last update time always shown in the main screen (on the bottom) would be useful in case the user were concerned about failed synchronization; that space should not show "Updating.../Error Updating" (over and above the pop-up window).

I am running Todo 7.0.2.

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