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[All] Mark a task as "in progress"

I just purchased ToDo 7 as a replacement GTD app as I’m moving away from another similar app. I have to say that I really love it so far. One feature that the other app didn’t have that I wanted was contacts integration, which is simply super! I love it.

But that other app had a feature that I loved, which was to let you mark a task as “in progress” instead of simply just “done” or “not done”. Is this ability in ToDo 7, and if so, where and how do you do that? And if not, can you please add this feature? I like this feature as sometimes when I am paying bills and I only pay half of the bill, I mark the task as “in progress” so I can see that I have at least started it. It’s a very nice feature to have.

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I wholeheartedly agree with this. For longer tasks with no sensible breakdown into subtasks or checklists, I now use trello. Which is silly, I should only using one app.

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Yes!  Definitely need this feature.  This is basic functionality any robust task management app or tool should have (I consider Todo a robust task app).  Every good task management methodology always has a way to id the status of a task and project as Complete, Waiting, In Progress, On Hold and Cancelled. 

It is different from the start date as that is just a date, not an actual status of the task/project progress. 

As far as implementation, I'm sure Appigo engineers/product mgrs, are great at figuring out the best way to do this.  One suggestion would be to offer a Setting to turn on/off this functionality as well as set a default. Of course you would want to be able to do this from a Quick Menu item as well. I've seen some apps use the Swipe method too, i.e. you swipe over the item and a short list of items is revealed.  The Boxer iPhone email app does a nice job in this example (and no I do not work for Boxer, just a nice app).

I agree! I want to get status filter at least for completed to do daily or weekly review. I see that it already implemented in web version. And I want it in Mac, iPhone and iPad apps. Also it would be great to have a extended statuses for task, like mentioned above (complete, in progress, waiting, delegated, postponed).


 It would be nice to have a separate option "in progress" or other e.g. "Active", "Planning" "Hold" "Canceled".

Toodledo offers this options and you can filter your tasks better. They call this feature "Status". Would be a nice feature.

My workaround has been to use the Context feature for this. I create an "In Progress" and "Waiting" context and the can easily sort to find those tasks. Bit it's definitely a workaround at this point.

Maybe there is a creative way of doing this with "tag" and "lists."

Or, sort by "tags" in the "Focus List"?

To me this is not the most wanted feature. Yes, to have a status 'in progress' and / or 'waiting for' could help eventually, but I myself would not use it very often. 

But ... IF you are thinking of implementing this feature, PLEASE do NOT change the possibility to just switch from one status (due) to the other (done) by simply clicking the check box. I do NOT want to have to choose one of several statuses from a drop down list or something, just to mark a Task as 'done'. That really would kill me.   

> "Another variants of this is the 'Waiting' status- example, I've sent an email to someone and I'm waiting for their reply"

I think it's a good idea to add both ("in progress" and "waiting"), as they are two different, and equally useful statuses. It sounds like what we really need is "Status" field that allows us to select from a list of statuses (complete, in progress, waiting, delegated, postponed, etc). (In this case, marking a task as "complete" could change the status to "complete", and vice versa.)

Another variants of this is the "Waiting" status- example, I've sent an email to someone and I'm waiting for their reply

Would like this as well

Excellent idea. I agree with Michael that the start date and "in progress" status are (or should be) two separate items. Start time is the projected start time, while "in progress" lets me (and others) know that work on the task has actually begun.

+1 for mark as 'in progress'

The start date and 'in progress' are used differently. I use start date to give an idea of when I should start a task, in progress would be super handy to easily see (greying it out or some other visual cue) which tasks I had actually started. I know I haven't always started a task by the start date!!


If a task has a start date is it not deemed to be in progress?

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