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 I have Office 365 and use a godady domain to enable Outlook.  It works great on my iphone.  I want to sync tasks from Outlook to my phone.  I downloaded the Exchange Connection toolkit for ActiveSync and the test fails.  I would like to purchase the Appigo Exchange app but want to make sure it will work.  If I do purchase it and it doesn't work, can I get a refund?


In order to see if Todo Exchange will work for you the Exchange Tool Kit has been provided. If you are unable to connect using the Tool Kit it is unlikely that Todo Exchange will work for you.

 Apple is the only one who can issue refunds for purchases made on the App Store or iTunes.


I got the connection to work but it will not synchronize tasks. I use another exchange todo program called TaskTask and it syncs task no problem. I would prefer to use Todo Ex which I upgraded and paid for. Thanks
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