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Please add "true" Manual Sorting

For Sorting, please add a "Manual Sorting" option.

As a visual learner, I organize all my tasks into lists and then utilize the "All" list to have all tasks on one page but separate my lists into groups, which organizes the colors together (see pic below). From there I prioritize manually the top need from each list within that grouping, so as I scroll down, I can see top to bottom from each group what is the priority. However, when I add due dates or priorities it jumbles up my order and when I reorganize/prioritize, I lose my due dates or priorities - I know this was by design but we need another option. 

Is there a way to have a true "manual" option for sorting? I think this would be incredibly helpful for people who want the true ability to add dues dates, priorities, etc. and still manually place the items where they see fit. I wouldn't think adding this option should be too hard but would be incredibly helpful for those that want to ability to truly sort & customize to what suits them. 

Jordan Roe

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Please allow manual sorting.

I was extremely confused to find that dragging an item up or down my list would affect its due date.

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