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Add "repeat when finished" option

In the "repeat" section of tasks, can you add an option to repeat a task when it has been completed ?

The reason is that sometimes one has a task which repeats at irregular intervals after it has been already completed.

For instance, every time I travel, I have several tasks that need to be done like taking out the garbage.  I'd like to have a reusable TODO task list for this.  It seems that the only way to make a reusable list is to repeat the list upon completion.  The alternative would be to have task list templates that could be reused, but I think this would be less straightforward to implement.

I think this is straightforward to implement.  

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Your suggestion of task templates is a good one. 

The way I've tackled this kind of problem is to have a Templates List which is filtered out from every other view. Items from this list can then be duplicated and moved to a list of your choice.

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