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Where is the archive?

I'm a little embarrassed that I didn't think about researching this before I went all-in on this product.  Am I right that there is no archive of all my completed tasks?

I originally purchased Todo 7 and then went back and bought Cloud because I just assumed that all my old tasks were being archived and I could search them if I needed.  

I find the comments section a very handy place to store a quick dated note in regards to obstacles and barriers to completing a task.  Being able to go back to that task long after it is completed would be a huge benefit.

This really is a rather serious issue for me.

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Todo will sync completed items that are up to one year old. In the Mac app, you need to go into Preferences > Synchronization > Completed tasks, and select the maximum one year.

There is a separate setting for how many completed tasks it will show. Go to Preferences > Appearances > Show completed tasks for. I set mine to one day, because I want to see what I've marked completed today, but more than that I find distracting. Even though I only show one day old items by default, older completed items (up to one year) still show up if I search for them.

If you like tweaking the focus list to show just the items you want, there is another completed items setting: Preferences > Focus List > Completed. I set that one to one day also.

If you set those settings to their maximums, I think you'll see an archive of completed items for up to a year. Is that long enough for you?

This is a big help and will help me for the next 11 months for sure ;)  I will play with the settings you mentioned and get the right setup.  

However, I think the expectation when people use a cloud service is that they won't be forced to lose data at any point.  Some services will at least offer an opportunity for more storage.

Your product is the closest thing I've come across that works the way I do.  I won't jump ship but will have to think of some way to capture the older items before they fade into the darkness.

The "Completed Tasks" setting on iOS is there in order to keep the size of the data sleek and slim on your iPhone/iPad. At the moment, we do not purge completed tasks from the Todo Cloud service. If you log into the website, you should be able to see all your completed tasks (

Before completed tasks are purged, could they be exported to a google drive spreadsheet?

Thanks for your response Boyd, since the current settings allow maximum of one year for completed task, will there be future option to see tasks further than that if they're not purged? I'd also be in favor of exporting completed tasks as Ed suggested.

Thanks for the feedback on this. This is something we've considered and is a good candidate for a future version of the web version of Todo Cloud. I've noted it down for us to evaluate there.

Please add you vote to the exporting request here:


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