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Overdue Tasks List (perhaps with set all to today button)

It would be nice to have a list (or view filter) that I could easily see just my overdue tasks.  

I start each day cleaning up my overdue tasks, but this requires scrolling past all of the not overdue high & medium priority tasks just to change the due date for a single low priority task.

Also I realize there is a bulk tool for changing dates but inside such an overdue task list view a button that sets every task due to today would be another time saver.

UPDATE: I found a non-functional setting for this is already in ToDo and so I started a new topic here:

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If you change your general sort settings in Todo to sort by Due Date, Priority all of your overdue tasks will be displayed at the top of your lists. Once you change the due dates you can then changer your general sort setting in Todo back to Priority, Due date.


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