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View Project Sub-Task

The way it's currently implemented, when I view the list of tasks I'm seeing a list of single tasks and the Projects but not the Project Sub-Tasks. When I'm looking at a set of tasks under a context, often I don't see the actual sub-task but I'm seeing the Project heading. In order to see the actual task I have to tap on the Project heading. This makes a quick scan of tasks impossible.

For instance, if I'm out on errands and filter with the Errands context, I might have 10 projects listed that I would need to tap one-at-a-time in order to get to the actual tasks at hand. I don't know what the solution would be, but the current arrangement is just not working.

I know some people create a separate List for Projects, I put all the current items on one list and use a Project context to view all the projects at once, but I don't think this makes a difference with the view of individual tasks.

As it is now, it appears that Projects and Tasks are placed on the same "level", with Project Sub-Tasks on a lower level: 

Projects    Tasks


IMHO the Tasks and Sub-Tasks should be at the same level, with Projects at a level above:


Sub-Tasks    Tasks

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The problem with this approach on the iOS is the amount a screen real estate that is available. In Todo Cloud Web and Todo for Mac you are able to expand projects to see the subtask.


I'm not looking to view both project and sub-task at the same time, I'm looking for the choice to view one or the other. As it is now, I can only view the the project title. The critical factor is that I don't want to have to manually click each Project in order to reveal the Sub-Task. For the moment I moved all my project sub-tasks out of their Projects, and notate the Task as [Project Title] >> [Project Sub-Task]. That way I can quickly scan all the tasks within a context while still noting the connection to a project. This is a clunky workaround at best.