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I am ready to buy and am already stumped .... How can I import all my data ???

Frankly this scares me ... most Cloud Apps allow a simple Import/Export. Consumers are getting smarter ... We are already avoiding companies that "hijack our data" when choosing Cloud Apps. Love you guys ... and I realize that hijacking is not your intention ... buy hey .... Where is a simple CSV Import/Export ?

I see another thread or two regarding this ... with way too many words in reply as to "why" this feature is not there ... or "this is what we meant by "it's your data".

Appigo: Do you want to grow & sell to Enterprises, large customers, etc?  We have more than "a few hundred records" and a business to run. No time to type in all our data again & start over ... in spite of the desire to witch to Todo.

My 2 cents ... thanks for listening!

- Brian

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I sync all three Todo apps with Toodledo who offer numbers ways to import/export data:

Yes, I know it's not a direct way but as suggested above you can open a free Toodledo account, import your data to that service, then sync it to Todo. After that's been done you could change your sync settings and sync with Todo Cloud if you wish.

That's a good workaround, thanks for that!

Abusing Toodledo as a way to extract data from Appigo to-do cloud is obviously a cheat. 

Appigo should provide native export options. Hard data lock is a mark against them. 

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yes proper export is required

At the moment there is not an option to export your tasks to a predefined format such as a CSV, or text file. However you can have your task database exported as outlined here:

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