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Keep URLs in Emailed Tasks as well as File Attachments

Being able to email a task directly into ToDo and putting the body of the email in the Note section is wonderful but doesn't eliminate keeping the original email.  If I need to go to a website at a later point that is referenced in the email, I can't click on the URL within the note to go to the website (tried on iPad and logged into the web).  It is no longer an active hyperlink.  I also can't open any pdf files attached to the email.  This means I have to keep the original email and go back to it to perform these tasks.  I would love to be able to delete or archive the original email as soon as I create the task in ToDo to keep everything streamlined.

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There is already a request for attach documents:

You should be able to click on a link in the notes to open the web page. If that is not the case please contact and they will be able to assist you.