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[Mac] Launch Center Pro

I love the fact that Launch center Pro recognizes Todo7. I can't get it to intelligently parse the context though. I wonder if it has something to so with how you handle the x-callback-urls. Perfect solution would be to support context and lists via x-callback-url. Maybe you do and they just didn't capture it.
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I would also like to suggest extending the x-callback-url support to include task action URL. This would make it very easy to then make a Safari/Chrome bookmarklet to create a new Task that stores the page URL as a Task action. Very convenient to then re launch the associated web page.
Hi Eddie, Thanks for asking. Context & tags are not supported yet through x-callback-url task creation. I've written it down as one of the things we should consider in one of the future updates to the app.


Hi Eddie,

here is my solution:

Create an email action in LCP and use the parameter for context or list in subject.

Then send ist to your todo mail adr.

Disadvantage: You have to press the "send" butten 

As an avid user of both Launch Center Pro, Drafts and Todo 7 on iPad - i would REALLY love to see this capability added to via x-callback-url for Task Creation. Please. Please. Please!

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